Hello Kathmandu!
July 30, 2015, 6:25 am
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Flying into Kathmandu is incredible, particularly in monsoon season. A 777 can feel like a prop plane next to the gigantic rain clouds and thunderheads. It’s frightening too; when you’re enclosed by clouds you have no idea how close you are to plummeting into mountains (thank you, oh inventor of radar!). This time all the beautiful anticipation of being back in Nepal was mixed with sadness and trepidation around the situation since the earthquake. The mountain villages look perfect from above, as does the Kathmandu Valley. You can’t see the damage but the vulnerability is clear.┬áThe city’s tightly-packed brick and concrete buildings look so miniature and fragile.


I was relieved to see much less damage than I had feared during that first drive from the airport across town. I’ve seen more since, but I’m so grateful for the reality not matching my imagination in many instances.┬áMuch more to follow. Power and wifi are playing super hard to get!