Hong Kong Heat
July 4, 2010, 7:30 am
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Ahhhh…  I’m back!  Really not much of a blog if I never update.  I’ve landed back in the e-accessible world and about to catch you up on a month and a half of walking, driving, riding, floating and flying.  Just wait for the flurry of activity!

I’m all set up in an air-conditioned room looking out at the steamy hot skyline of Hong Kong.  I’ve checked in to the YMCA of Kowloon (the swankiest Y imaginable) after a redeye from Kathmandu with a 2-hour, middle-of-the-night layover in Bangladesh.  On such flights it’s a prerequisite to have an over-active and/or screaming child sitting next to you.  I had the former (luckily he wasn’t screaming).  I think I slipped into sleep for about a half hour total… so Hong Kong is feeling pretty surreal at this point. 

This is the most I’ll show you of the present,  I’ve just taken this shot of my marvelous view.  I’ll now start from the where we last left off; back to the Himalayas and the start of our trek!


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